St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019

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19.11.19 XV Software Engineering Conference Russia was held in St. Petersburg

18.11.19 Bertrand Meyer award laureates at SECR 2019

06.11.19 Interview with SECR 2019 speakers (list of videos in English)

01.11.19 Scott Gould to SECR participants

29.10.19 SECR 2019 preliminary program is published

03.10.19 The results of the SECR 2019 proposals’ review are published

25.09.19 Interview with Asger Palm – SECR 2019 Key Speaker

11.09.19 Meet SECR speakers: Eugen Schwab-Chesaru, Vice President Research – Head of Central & Eastern Europe Digital Business Services, teknowlogy Group/PAC

05.09.19 Meet SECR proposals authors: Alexey Fedorov, Group Leader at Russian Quantum Center, QApp

30.08.19 Interview with Artem Mitropolsky, the curator an reviewer from the SECR program committee

Interviews with our speakers

Interview with Ivar Jacobson (Founder and Chairman, Ivar Jacobson International)

Interview with Artem Tikhomirov, JetBrains Senior Java developer

Interview with Wil van der Aalst (Software-Russia)

Interview with James Stikeleather (Software-Russia)

Interview with Jeff Sutherland: “People who want to build better software, work faster, build better teams who are in Russia, I think will be there and we should all have a good time talking about it” (PC Week)

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