St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019

Talks & master-classes

Unity engine application functional testing automation based on native tools

  • Software Testing
  • Accepted

November 15, 11:00
Room III|III зал
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If listeners have challenges with the automation testing of applications on the Unity game engine in the development process, they will be able to learn in our report methods and best practices for its successful organization and integration. Developed and described assets are not found in the main market of assets, and its successful implementation in our country shows its efficiency.

Oleg Bedrin photo

Oleg Bedrin

Unity-develope, KFU Higher School ITIS

4th-year bachelor student of the Higher School of Information Technologies and Intelligent systems of Kazan Federal University, where he works as a Unity developer, doing not only scientific and practical activities, but also solving architectural issues. Area of professional interest – development of computer games and XR applications on the Unity game engine.

Vlada Kugurakova

Senior lecturer, KFU Higher School ITIS

Area of professional interests: realistic visualization and simulation, immersive VR. In 2019 she defended her thesis for the title of candidate of technical sciences in the speciality 05.13.11.