St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019

Talks & master-classes

Towards Energy Profiling of Multi-Threading Android Applications

  • Programming / Tools
  • Accepted

November 15, 09:50
Room IV|IV зал
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This talk is for mobile developers profiling energy consumption of their applications. When users report quick device battery discharge by application, its code should be refactored to consume less. In order to estimate influence of code changes on application power drain a measuring tool and experimental methodology are required. In this talk experimental practices to estimate energy consumption are discussed along with the ways to overcome technical and methodological issues associated with existing tools. An approach to overlay multi-threaded execution trace over momentary power graph is presented for multi-threaded applications profiling.

Stanislav Sartasov photo

Stanislav Sartasov

Assistant Professor, SPbSU

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Vladislav Myasnikov

Student, SPbSU

Olga Afonina

Student, SPbSU

Alexey Shaposhnikov

Student, SPbSU

Egor Gordienko

Student, SPbSU

Victoria Fomina

Student, SPbSU