St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019

Talks & master-classes

Experience of using Atlassian Confluence in corporate knowledge management

  • Knowledge Management
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November 15, 12:45
Room III|III зал
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The report presents practical experience of using Atlassian Confluence as the basic platform for knowledge management activities in the company, including development of internal knowledge base and training of technical support engineers.

Considered examples of using Confluence tools for convenient presentation and visualisation of content, as well as examples of sharing Confluence with other platforms and solutions that allow creating interactive training materials. The report will show that Confluence can be not just a simple portal with articles, but can effectively replace, for example, a corporate Intranet and a training portal at the same time.The report will be useful both to specialists who already work with content in Confluence, but who want to expand their knowledge about the platform’s capabilities, and to employees who are looking for effective solutions for creating corporate portals for knowledge sharing.

Dmitry Proskurin photo

Dmitry Proskurin

Training and Certification Specialist, Kaspersky

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