St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019


Meet SECR speakers: Alexey Korablev, Chairman of the Board of the High Technologies and Engineering Cluster “Creonomyca”

Alexey Korablev photo
With this interview we start introducing SECR speakers.

Today our guest is one of our keynote speakers, Dr. Alexey Vladimirovich Korablev, Chairman of the Board of the High Technologies and Engineering Cluster “Creonomyca”, President of Concern R-Pro and Academician of the Engineering Academy.

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Alexey, thank you so much for finding time for this interview. Could you please tell us about yourself, your experience?

Good afternoon, yes, thank you for inviting me to this interview. I am the Chairman of the Board of the High Technologies and Engineering Cluster “Creonomyca”. This is a non-profit organization that works in the development of high-tech business in the North-West region of Russia and St. Petersburg. I work for over 25 years in the field of introduction of modern digital technologies and solutions related to digital engineering.

How does the science fit into your practical activity?

Yes, we have a R&D centers and eight universities in our Cluster, so, we have research and educational projects. In a number of areas I supervise the reserach. In particular, I lead the projects in the area of scientific organization of labor, imitation digital modeling and optimization of production processes, and also the offline programming of automated and robotic equipment. I short, everything related to the “Industry 4.0”.

This is related to the topic of your talk “Creation of digital twins of robotic productions and innovative offline programming of robots in paradigm of Industry 4.0”. Could you tell us a few words about your talk, and what kind of experience it is based on.

Yes of course. In the Cluster we have manufacturers of robotic industrial equipment, companies introducing these solutions in industrial enterprises, the system integrators, and companies working in the field of digital technologies for programming modern equipment and optimizing production processes for managing modern production in the paradigm of Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 paradigm today is the modeling of production at the stage of its creation in the digital mode – in digital twin – with subsequent control through the digital twin. When the entire production program, all production processes are optimized in the digital twin before being implemented in real production. This gives significant results in increasing production efficiency, labor productivity, equipment load optimisation and increase in the quality of products. So, my report will be about that. We have accumulated, in my opinion, a unique experience of implementing relevant solutions in various industries, and I would like to share it with the colleagues.

Is this connected to the projects that you supervise in St. Petersburg: “Smart City” and “Future Factories”?

The “Future Factories” project is about that. Because the modern approach to the development of our production, the design of new production is based here on such technologies of digital engineering and digital production. If we talk about “Smart City”, this is a slightly different topic; at this conference we wanted to concentrate on solutions for digital production.>

And why did you decide to talk at the SECR?

In my opinion, this is a very interesting conference aimed at developing competences in the field of information technology, modern software development, digital solutions, and it seemed to me that it would be expedient to speak.

You completed an internship abroad, is that so?

True, I had an internship and worked abroad, also we have many international partners, I visited many modern industrial factories abroad, as well as many domestic enterprises. In St.Petersburg, I do not even know a large enterprise which I did not visit yet. With many we have commercial projects in the areas of which I spoke, so it is possible for me to compare the production in European foreign countries and in Russia, in St. Petersburg, and offer to our partners the most optimal and rational solutions.

After your internship and work abroad, perhaps you had many opportunities to stay and work over there, but you fulfill your potential in the city where you were born. What would you advise to our experts, programmers who are thinking about moving abroad in hope that they full fill themselves better over there?

The decision, of course, is always the personal choice of an individual; I would not like to give any personal advice. Conditions for self-realization exist here and in other countries. Everyone chooses their way and their career development. During my career, I did not consider the option of finding employment in an international company. I developed my business, and fullfill myself in this area. But again, this is the personal choice of each of us, and the conditions for realization can be found in various self-fulfillment. It is important to set your goals and go towards these goals in a direct way, so to speak.

And in the end of our interview, what would you wish our participants?

I would like the conference to be successful, with many participants and many interesting speakers, with discussions that would help participants bring something new into their work, contribute to their personal development as well as to the companies in which they work.

The interview was recorded on July 23, 2019, questions were asked by Yulia Kryuchkova. If you would like to ask your questions to SECR speakers, please send them to the organizing committee, and we will try to add them to our next talk.

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