14–15 ноября 2019

Доклады и мастер-классы

Automated Analysis of Testing Reports using Machine Learning Techniques

  • AI, Intelligent Apps/Things
  • Software Testing
  • Принят

14 ноября, 17:30
Room II|II зал
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Automated testing of complex systems is a challenging task, not only from the testing library support perspective, but also from the test report analysis one. Each test run contains thousands of test cases and produces the same number of detailed reports which can provide us with knowledge about the behavior of the environment, the preconditions, the test-data setup, and, of course, about the defects. We propose automating defect report analytics as a way to improve software testing quality.

фото Мурад Мамедов

Мурад Мамедов

Senior QA Analyst, Exactpro

Murad is a QA Analyst at Exactpro Systems specializing in software testing of post-trade and trading platforms. Currently, he is working on AI implementation in QA and testing with a focus on Data Management.