St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019

Talks & master-classes

Maximum security: how to write reliable C/C++ code for embedded systems

  • Embedded, Low-level
  • Accepted

In my talk, I will tell you about the standards of writing code created specifically for highly responsible embedded systems, such as MISRA C, MISRA C++ and AUTOSAR C++. For those who haven’t heard about these standards, I’ll make their brief outline: main concepts, prerequisites of their creation and where they are used. My talk will be useful to those who are familiar with MISRA firsthand. I’ll tell you how you can significantly improve the speed and quality of embedded development using static code analysis.

George Gribkov photo|фото Георгий Грибков

George Gribkov

C++ developer, PVS-Studio

George is one of the developers of the PVS-Studio static analyzer. He is engaged in the creation of new MISRA C and MISRA C ++ diagnostics. He is also the author of articles on checking open source projects.