St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019


From the real world to the virtual and vice versa: recognition of man-made objects and structures and augmented reality as tools for digitalization of natural science education

  • VR, AR

The use of recognition algorithms of man-made objects and structures using neural networks and augmented reality generation algorithms opens up new methodological possibilities in the teaching of natural sciences. The report will talk about two proven practical examples of the application of these algorithms in the course of algorithmics for preschoolers and junior school students. Bringing the recognition algorithms of man-made objects to practical use in a real educational process turned out to be technically not an easy task and required considerable efforts to choose the architecture of the neural networks used, to develop new approaches to the training of networks and to share deterministic and heuristic algorithms.

Nikita Besshaposhnikov photo|фото Никита Бесшапошников

Nikita Besshaposhnikov

Junior Researcher, SRISA RAS

SECR speaker|спикер конференции

Maxim Matyushin

Junior Researcher, SRISA RAS

Alexander Leonov

Head of Sector, SRISA RAS

Anatoli Kushnirenko photo|фото Анатолий Кушниренко

Anatoli Kushnirenko

Head of Department, SRISA RAS