St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019


Effect of mindfulness on improving performance of software development

    This paper propose a way for measure difficulty of performed activity using electroencephalogram. Proposed metric is used to analyze whether mindfulness techniques, especially meditation, cause a positive effect on software development performance.

    Vitaly Volobuev photo|фото Виталий Волобуев

    Vitaly Volobuev

    Head of Neurotechnologies lab, Innopolis University

    Supervises international neurotechnologies lab in Innopolis University since 2016. Participates in joined projects with Carnegie-mellon university and University of Pisa. Participated in development of long-range drivers health monitoring system on the order of “Kamaz” in 2018.

    Speaker of public lectures of Innopolis University and voluntarily teaches neuroscience for students.