St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019


CFL-Reachability Based Framework for Interprocedural Static Code Analysis Development

  • Programming / Tools
  • Software Testing

We propose an extensible framework for interprocedural static code analysis implementation. Our solution is based on CFL-reachability: analysis is formulated in terms of context-free constrained reachability in the interprocedural graph. Extensible architecture allows one to implement new analysis and integrate it into the IDE of choice or static code analysis tool. To demonstrate the abilities of our solution, we implement the plugin which provides basic taint analysis and label flow analysis upon ReSharper infrastructure. We demonstrate its applicability for real-world problems.

Ilya Nozhkin photo|фото Илья Ножкин

Ilya Nozhkin

Student, SPBU

A student of the faculty of mathematics and mechanics.

SECR speaker|спикер конференции

Semyon Grigorev

Associate Professor, SPBU

Researcher at Programming Languages and Tools lab.