St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019


Who defines the product success?

  • Business
  • HCI, UX

According to statistics not knowing your target audience results in either a complete fail of the product or in increased costs on development of features nobody needs. We’ll show case an example of how to define and research your target audience and how to transform the obtained insights into a value proposition.

The speech will be useful to those who are familiar with human-centered approach but are not sure how to apply it in product development cycle. The target group may include Product and Business Owners, company and department Managers, UX/UI Designers, Business Analysts, Product and Project Managers.

Katya Sevruk, Coherent Solutions/ISsoft photo| фото Екатерина Севрук, Coherent Solutions/ISsoft

Katya Sevruk

UX Designer, Coherent Solutions/ISsoft

Over 10 years of experience in UX/UI design, 2 years in Business Analysis and IT Product Management in 30+ business domains. I’m skilled in leading design and development teams from ambiguity to clarity by setting direction that combines user needs, business goals, and technical capabilities.

Peter Tisinevich, Coherent Solutions/ISsoft photo|фото Петр Тисиневич, Coherent Solutions/ISsoft

Peter Tisinevich

Head of UX, Coherent Solutions/ISsoft

I have 11 years of leadership experience with 5 years in IT. For the last 9 years lays in IT products development I have participated in 50 + projects in different roles and capacities from active BA to consultant. During last 5 years I have established and developed Business Analysis services and department in 2014, then n 2016 I have started and currently heading development of UX services and department with 15 employees at the moment.