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November 14–15, 2019


Time management for a manager, or how to manage everything in a working day and not go crazy

  • Project/Product Management

When you are just assigned to the position of a project manager, you suddenly encounter such a situation, when you have not yet stopped doing the project with your hands, but should already begin to perform management tasks. This is very similar to such a natural phenomenon as halocline – a visually noticeable boundary between water of different salinity, which is especially well distinguished when it encounters various oceans, for example, the Pacific and the Atlantic.

Thus, the work of the project manager at the initial moment of appointment begins to remind this natural phenomenon, where there are two clearly defined roles that have not yet compiled into one and at the same time each role requires its own 6-8 hours for work.

And the first intractable task is the need to overcome this watershed with the least loss of time and the most efficiency for work, because it is impossible to work for 12-16 hours a day for a long time.

The question arises, how to properly organize your work in such a way as to make the most important things in 8 hours of work in the most efficient way?

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