St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019


“Tech-lives Matter, Hands Up, Don’t Reboot”

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No matter what profession you’re in, our jobs can contain a variety of stress factors, which are unknown to individuals looking from the outside.

Stacey Jenkins photo|фото Стейси Дженкинс

Stacey Jenkins


Stacey M. Jenkins, M. Psych.

Stacey resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has over 20 years of Law Enforcement (LEO) and teaching experience. Teaching experience:

  • Psychology
  • Business Psychology
  • Social Media Psychology
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Computer Psychology
  • Sociology (Group Dynamics)

Law Enforcement experience:

  • Homicide Detective
  • Criminal Profiler
  • Gang Unit Specialist Detective
  • Hostage Negotiator
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer
  • School Resources Officer (SRO)
  • Five years as a Special Agent with the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND (DHS)

Stacey is currently working as a Detective with the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Police Dept., Gang, and Violent Crimes Unit.


  • Bachelor of Science degree; Criminology (Ball State University, 1994).
  • Master’s degree; Forensic Psychology (Walden University, 2012).
  • Currently, a Ph.D. Candidate (Forensic Psychology), at Walden University