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November 14–15, 2019


“Tech-lives Matter, Hands Up, Don’t Reboot”

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No matter what profession you’re in, our jobs can contain a variety of stress factors, which are unknown to individuals looking from the outside.

Stacey Jenkins


Stacey M. Jenkins, M. Psych.

Stacey resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has over 20 years of Law Enforcement (LEO) and teaching experience. Teaching experience:

  • Psychology
  • Business Psychology
  • Social Media Psychology
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Computer Psychology
  • Sociology (Group Dynamics)

Law Enforcement experience:

  • Homicide Detective
  • Criminal Profiler
  • Gang Unit Specialist Detective
  • Hostage Negotiator
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer
  • School Resources Officer (SRO)
  • Five years as a Special Agent with the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND (DHS)

Stacey is currently working as a Detective with the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Police Dept., Gang, and Violent Crimes Unit.


  • Bachelor of Science degree; Criminology (Ball State University, 1994).
  • Master’s degree; Forensic Psychology (Walden University, 2012).
  • Currently, a Ph.D. Candidate (Forensic Psychology), at Walden University