St.Petersburg, Russia
November 14–15, 2019


Master-class. Pulse Management – how to manage organization

  • Business

Presentation of the project management method – Pulse Method – How to keep abreast of the business, do not forget anything and fulfill all the company’s obligations on time and in full.

At the master class we will examine in detail some of the Rules of the Method, why they are so, which is the basis.

Alexey Vasilyev


TOC Consultant, Agile / XP coach, specializes in the application of the Theory of Constraints for project management and IT projects. Coordinator of the St. Petersburg Club of IT Project Managers.

More than 20 years in IT. As system architect, team lead, project manager. I’ve rollup Agile / Extreme Programming since when it was not yet a business (since 2002).

I’ve consolidated my experience and analysis of current project management methodologies in the management methodology of the project organization in the face of uncertainty and limited resources of and the BIPULSE decision support system.

Actively speaking since 2015: SECR, AnalystDays, LAF, ISDEF, RIT++, InfoStart Education Event