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The proposals whose authors agreed to show the abstract during the review process.

  • #AI, Intelligent Apps/Things
  • #Blockchain
  • #Business
  • #Cloud
  • #Cont. Prof. Development
  • #Data Science, Big Data
  • #DevOps
  • #Embedded, Low-level
  • #HCI, UX
  • #High-Loaded
  • #IoT
  • #Open Source
  • #Programming / Tools
  • #Project/Product Management
  • #Security
  • #Software Architecture
  • #Software Testing
  • #System Analysis / Requirements
  • #Voice Interfaces / Natural lang. processing
  • #VR, AR
  • #No topic

Peter Gribanov

1C:Enterprise is an EDSL Low-code framework for rapid development of cross-platform and mobile business applications

1C:Enterprise is a suite of software tools for rapid deployment of business applications. It is low-code development platform based on Domain-Driven Design principles (DDD) and oriented on creating software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional programming.…

Vladimir Kremer

Compliance with insurance requirements of foreign customers

What insurance is usually required by foreign customers from software developers and how to work with such requests.


Talk in EnglishHey Google, What’s possible with Actions on Google?

Google Assistant is the personal assistant from Google, that helps users to get things done. It’s already available on over 500 million devices, and have different form factors like speakers, TVs, smartphones, headphones, smart displays, etc. And developers can also have access to these…



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