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  • #AI, Intelligent Apps/Things
  • #Blockchain
  • #Business
  • #Cloud
  • #Cont. Prof. Development
  • #Data Science, Big Data
  • #DevOps
  • #Embedded, Low-level
  • #HCI, UX
  • #High-Loaded
  • #IoT
  • #Open Source
  • #Programming / Tools
  • #Project/Product Management
  • #Security
  • #Software Architecture
  • #Software Testing
  • #System Analysis / Requirements
  • #Voice Interfaces / Natural lang. processing
  • #VR, AR
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Aleksandr Serbul

Mass scoring in CRM – secrets and pitfalls

The report will tell you how we scored Lids and other entities in the mass cloud CRM Bitrix24: from the prototype to the “combat” high-load web service. The report will be useful to developers, analysts, managers interested in the issues of scoring, classification in CRM and effective use of…

Stamo Petkov

Using Azure Front Door to deliver fast, scalable and secure web applications

This session is for developers who are planning to create global applications or are allready providing services outside Russia. You will learn what is Application Delivery Network (ADN) and why you need it. How to use Azure Front Door Service to accelerate your apps and Azure Web Application…

Vasily Voropaev

Hybrid Teams as a New Challenge

No translation yet, sorry.

Nikita Gruzd

Virtual Land

We compose visual solutions for property developers. We work by synthesizing cutting- edge technology with our boundless creativity in order to make the process of choosing a property exciting, effective and memorable.


Our experience of automation of integration tests with Docker

I will share my experience of automation of integration tests for a microservice web application. The test, line the application itself, uses Docker and does not require installing any tools into the host system. The test creates the environment required for the microservice under test.

Irina Smirnova

How to train your growing test coverage

I introduce my 7 years experience how to organize tests when your test coverage continues to grow without increasing human resources. At the moment my test coverage consists of 9000 virtual machines, 600 unique product’s versions, 200 types of product’s updates that are downloaded…

Peter Gribanov

Technology platform 1C:Enterprise as an example of domain-driven design (DDD) approach in creating software for business automation

When one creates software for complex needs of particular domain (say, finances or CAD) it is very important to select proper programming language and development paradigm which minimize volume of programming required for implementation of typical tasks specific for the domain. Domain-driven…

Vladimir Kremer

Compliance with insurance requirements of foreign customers

What insurance is usually required by foreign customers from software developers and how to work with such requests.


Talk in EnglishHey Google, What’s possible with Actions on Google?

Google Assistant is the personal assistant from Google, that helps users to get things done. It’s already available on over 500 million devices, and have different form factors like speakers, TVs, smartphones, headphones, smart displays, etc. And developers can also have access to these…



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